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How much is too much Muriatic Acid?

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Hey all.  First let me just say that I appreciate people who understand pool chemistry.  I thought I was a smart guy, but apparently not.

I have a 20’ round take up/put down yearly pool.  I just filled it.  I’m trying to follow the rules by addressing alkalinity first, then pH, chlorine etc.  I’m using Aquachek strips.  My water was very high for pH and alkalinity.  So far I’ve added 2.5 gallons of Muriatic acid.  My pH has lowered but my TA is still showing very high. 

All the research I’ve done tells me to use small amounts of acid for a 10k gallon pool.  I’m worried about adding more as I’ve already put so much in.  Should I just keep adding more?


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This is how to lower TA correctly without damaging your pool. You have a vinyl liner pool and dropping the pH too low can and will damage your liner.



Sometimes it can take a LOT of acid. Also test strips do not have the precision for water adjustments. Your strips have a precision of 40 ppm. You need a decent test kit that has a precision of 10 ppm. Invest in a Taylor K-2006 which also had the acid demand test that tells you how much acid you need to add.

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