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Arctic Spa topside control panel

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88523DE3-0A54-497C-AEEA-AFB05455B8A9_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.a4f17e7428409bfaed8a745e16445ded.jpegI have been looking at a friends recently installed Arctic Spa Ocean year- 2012/03/09. It is connected to a single phase 240v and has worked in the past in a previous location here in France. It was transported by a professional pool person and connected by an experienced electrician.
The topside panel occasionally comes on briefly when powering up the spa (not every time) and each segment of the display is shown, then goes blank to three dots as in the picture. I shall update the firmware today to the latest downloaded version. All the fuses and connections have been cleaned and checked with a meter and the only thing that I discovered was the lighting controller transformer has no 5V output and the wifi unit no longer works. 
I have bench tested the controller transformer and it requires replacing.
Any idea why the topside display is only showing three dots as on startup it would appear that all the segments are working…
Many thanks in anticipation of your help.
I have since updated the firmware and now when the power is interrupted from the mains supply, on restart  the display shows all the segments working. If however the power to the panel is interrupted by disconnecting the transformers secondary windings (12v) the display goes to the three dot state described below and in the picture upon reconnecting.
When all the segments show on the display although the control buttons all function (pumps etc) there is no interaction with the display in both cases


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