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Air Source Heat Pump via a Balboa GS510DZ

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Morning all, hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. 

I'd like to fit an air source heat pump to a tub that has a GS510DZ spa pack. The desire here being to achieve a capability to move the tub between 8C and 38C so that it can be used as both a spa and a cold water plunge pool. 

I've source the heat pump but just had the realisation that it's not straight simple job. what I need to do is disconnect the heater and then achieve circulation using the editing spa pack and heating the external ASHP. 

I've attached relevant Balboa spec sheet, does anyone have any idea how I can disable the heater and then enable circulation?

Any comments/assistance gratefully received. 




GS510DZ 55415-01_97_C.pdf

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Ok. I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about, but I'll tell you what I know.

First, that balboa system cannot be altered or programmed to run a cooling cycle. It is a heater controller, and will activate based on the need for heat, and turn things off when it's over the set temp. So turning it as low as it goes (80f I believe) will just turn the pumps off.

Second, as mentioned, that system cannot be set that low.

I would recommend you use a control system designed to run a cooling system as well. I think pentair intellitouch can do that if I remember correctly. @Pool Clown, @jimmythegreek, you guys know pentair stuff way better than I. Can you offer any advice?

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Thanks for this. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. 

I've been doing some reading around this since I first posted, what I really need to know is can I simply disable the heater and leave the rest of the tub functional. If I can then I can do the following:

1. Insert an ASHP, I would use this to control the tub temp.

2. Wire the circulation pump in parallel from another source and use a smart 40A switch to control it. 

If the above is possible, and the tub does work without a non-functional heater then I can automate the rest. Some simple rules based logic would work:

the tub temp is >1 degrees C from the temp set-point of the ASHP 
turn the circle pump on for 10 minutes. 

The ASHP should then kick in. It will require some fine tuning but should be doable.

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