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Hayward Aqua-rite filter pressure

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 I just opened my pool and have a very intense amount of algae, I am working through that issue with shock and my super chlorinate feature. Weird thing is my pressure valve is reading 40ish % even after I back wash it clean. I am having to do this several times a day over the last two days as the returns keep having low rate of return. This valve used to read 20ish in normal operation but my pool guy said they miss read easy after 1 season and not to worry. Should I just back wash this thing down to 20%? i feel like would be a crap load of water to have coming out of the pool.

I typically just backwash until the water/ site glass is clear.

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If you have lots of algae, enough to obscure sight of the pool floor, your system could just be removing the "green" from the water, and that explains the rapid rise in pressure.  If you are backwashing and the pressure never drops when you go back into "filter", you should disassemble the filter and clean.  Especially if it hasn't been done in a year.  Yes, i would recommend once a year teardown.  IMO, that is the only way to insure that you have removed all the old/ used DE from the tank, it also give you an opportunity to inspect your grids for damage.  And then start with a fresh coat (DE).  If your gauge doesn't drop to zero when you shut the pump off, you should replace it too. 

Note: If your pool guy is responsible for more than just the water chems, he should be doing that filter teardown as part of his service!  

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