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Price paid for Chelsee

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Got a price quote for sundNce Chelsee of 12,500 ( includes tax, delivery, chemicals, lift, steps, everything) and want to begin negotiation.  Anyone willing to share what you paid for the Chelsee, in what year, where you live and what it includes.  Thx

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Prices vary wildly from dealer to dealer.  Even if you find someone who paid $5000 less for the exact same make/model spa last week across the country, your dealer won't care and won't haggle - especially since the hottub industry saw a huge surge in sales during the pandemic.  Every dealer operates on their own profit margins - some dealers have more competitive pricing than other dealers.

Be sure to research the dealer thoroughly - you'll be stuck with them for the duration of the warranty, so be sure you trust them to do a good job if/when the spa needs warranty repairs.  The dealer is almost as important as the brand you buy.   Be sure to review customer feedback online about the dealer, and find out what the dealer charges for callout fees (and most importantly - how many years do they include free dispatch/callouts for warranty service).

If you really want to haggle on a new tub, your best bet is if you're paying full cash money.  Dealers often include a 3% or 4% processing fee in the advertised price to account for people paying with credit card (for reward points), or people financing the tub (processing fee). You have a good chance to haggle that 3% off if you are paying full cash money for the tub.

Also know that some states offer a sales-tax exemption if you have a doctors (or chiropractor's) note stating the spa is "medically necessary" - that could save you hundreds off the final price.



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