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Help finding replacement audio subwoofer.

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Hello, I have a circa 2006 Maax Swim Spa with an audio system that includes two pop-up treble speakers and one ~6" subwoofer in the equipment bay. The subwoofer has a tear in the gasket. It's in a black plastic housing that says "Concept" on the top. However, there are very few markings on it other than that and none of them seem to come up in the googleverse. I've found speaker assemblies on the web but most if not all are on product pages that say discontinued. To me, it looks like a generic 6" speaker. The magnet has the numbers 0635 stamped on it. I thought maybe that meant 6" 35 watt but who knows. The Amp just says 6G and made in china. I took it out and the circuit board says P00JP8PB101 but again, that gets me nowhere. If I could know the wattage for sure maybe I could find a replacement but so far, no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's worth adding that in my google searches this particular subwoofer assembly was used across many different brands other than Maax, there has to be someone out there who's run into the same issue.

Thanks in advance.








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