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Spa Choice Liquid Reduce pH (26.27% Sodium Bisulfate solution)... How to convert to dry acid weight?

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I have a 32 fl. oz. bottle of Spa Choice REDUCE pH (it's a liquid). The active ingredient is 26.27% Sodium Bisulfate but doesn't specify if that's by weight or what. I’m hoping somebody here can help me figure out the equivalent amount of 100% Sodium Bisulfate (dry acid) that the 32 fl. oz. liquid is equivalent to. Took this whole bottle of liquid plus some dry acid to get my new 375 gallon tub down to TA in the 130 range (good old Rocky Mountain well water), so basically for future refills I'd like to get a starting point for total amount of dry acid required (the information on that process in this forum is outstanding btw!) 

I've been fruitlessly trying to find an answer to this question for awhile now, seems like this forum might be the right place for an answer. Thanks in advance!


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