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SoftTub Thermostat Adjustment

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Not looking to debate the legalities of increasing the heat of the tub like I've seen in almost every other forum on the topic.. But..

I have a softub that's on our upper deck and gets a fair amount of wind and weather and is never warm enough.. the dial is up on ten and the temp is 101/102 after the tub runs the heat cycle and shuts off. 

So a bit of interneting and I found a few suggestions for adjusting the temp and settled on simply sliding the thermostat out of the housing about a 1/2 inch and siliconing it in place. So not it's about 50/50 in and out of the pump head. My question is.. would this affect the heating in any way? The tub has been running for 24 hours now and is barely lukewarm. Usually it would be end-of-the-bath bathtub temp (just guessing.. 80's) by now. It is warming and the heater light indicator is on and it hasn't stopped running since last night, which is normal. 

Would moving the thermostat really affect it or could it be something else going on coincidentally? 


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