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2010 Hot Spot RELAY slow leak

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Hello, I have a 2010 Hot Spot RELAY spa.  It is in good overall condition for its age and would like to keep it going as long as possible.  I have found a small leak, but can not find the parts online.  I am a plumber not a spa tech so I'm looking for some help with identifying and perhaps terminology.  The fitting that is leaking is located inside of the filter basket area.  It is a small fitting that goes through the tub with a barb on the other side, that has a small clear hose, maybe 5/16 dia, that runs to a barb on the elbow on the intake side of the pump.  The slow leak turned into a larger leak as i snapped the barb off messing around with it.  It looks like it may not be threaded, and there isn't a nut on the backside of the fitting.  Perhaps it is epoxy or cemented in place as it is the suction side not the pressure side of the pump.  I attached a photo.  Any help is greatly appreciated.




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That is to bleed air from the pump line at fill. It is not needed to operate the spa, and can be plugged off if needed. You might just sand it out a bit and glue a new barb in it. I would not attempt to remove the epoxied flange as you will likely damage the filter canister.

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