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Red and green flashing lights


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On 12/6/2021 at 2:39 PM, Paulwa41qh said:

Hot spring spa vanguard 2006 lights flashing circulation pump feels like it’s running not getting hot and bubbles in hot tub but will not heat up any one help please 

Something similar happened with my 2019 Hotspring Highlife Jetsetter, although the fancy screen told me it was in protection mode and to call the dealer.

My symptoms were similar - circulation pump & ozonator running. Water wasn't heating up, nor would the jets run by pressing the jets button on the remote dock. 

Luckily my tub was under warranty so it was a free callout from the dealer to fix.  Ultimately in my case it was a failed temperature sensor on the heater, so dealer's tech swapped out both temperature sensors (standard practice - if one failed, the other is likely from the same batch and has a higher chance of failing as such).    The switches are easy to test, and cheap/easy enough to replace if necessary.  If you have a multimeter you should be able to test the sensors to check their resistance (I think they should read between 1k and 5k ohms, but I might be wrong)


Also, I might be wrong, but @RDspaguy does it look like somebody is jumping the flow pressure sensor with a piece of wire??? Lol, that's not good is it



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