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Watkins Wavemaster 9200 two speed Jet Pump


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Having an intermittent issue with the 2 speed jet pump on a 12 year old Limelight Pulse hot tub.

Here is the pump in question: Picture of the Wavemaster 9200 Jet Pump

Speed 1 always starts on the press of the Jets button, every time, but when you press the Jets button for a second time to engauge speed 2, sometimes it works, but 90% of the time, on the first try, it fails and the Jet Pump stops and "hums".  You can always stop the pump, start speed 1 again, and then select speed 2, and on the 2nd or 3rd attempt, it usually kicks into life and runs without issue.

I'm thinking it could be capcitor related issue.  I understad motors have 2 capcitors usually, one is the start capacitor and one is the run capacitor?  but I have no idea how this works on a 2 speed pump.

There are 2 capcitors in the metal box on the top of the pump.  I'm not sure which is which?

Here are the capacitors: Picture of Capacitors

  • The large Capacitor (I guess is the start capacitor) is 50.0 uF +/-6% 480VAC/B - 50/60Hz - Large Capacitor 
  • The Smaller Capcitor (I guess is the run capacitor) is a 15 uF +/- 6% 370VAC - 50/60Hz - Small Capacitor

Questions I need help on,

  1. Am I right assuming the large capacitor is the start capacitor and the smaller one is the run capacitor?
  2. How accurace does a replacement capacitor need to be, say I can get one which is +/- 5% would that be an issue?
  3. Equally, if I can only get a 16uF capacitor, would that be an issue to replace a 15uF, I assume as long as it's rated slightly higher and the voltage is correct, this should be ok?
  4. Which capacitor is likely to be faulty?  The Large one?
  5. Any other reason the motor could get stuck when it's trying to start the second speed, like could there be wear on the motor brushes? or could the windings on the motor be worn, and this is preventing it starting.  

Would like to try the cheap options before the worst case of replacing the pump.


Thanks for your help


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