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Help ! Cleaning sponge went down the filter opening (master spa twilight)


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We had the filters out on our hot tub as we started draining it and were wiping down the filter housing with a sponge.  That sponge got sucked down one of the filter openings.  I can not find a clear diagram on the manufacturer website of where that pipe flows next, though I suspect to one of the pumps.  Most of the pipes are hidden in foam insulation so I can't follow them.  I tried sticking a wire down the opening to see if it was close enough to snag.  No luck.  I tried using a shop vac to suck it out once the spa was drained.  Got water, but no sponge.

Any idea what to try next?  I don't have a wrench large enough to unscrew the fittings and can't budge them by hand.  I don't want to destroy the pump when I turn it on.  Do I have to call a repair guy out?  If I don't turn it back on, it will freeze.

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