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Balboa EL Series - Low Flow from Pump 1 at Low Speeds - NO HEAT!


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Long story short, helping my friend repair his hot tub. The bearings were bad and I think the pump was engaged quite a bit. I've changed the bearings, wet seal, and impellor. The pump runs just fine on high speed. 

On low speed - you can see the pump & impellor turning, but very slowly. The capacitor tested fine. 

He's moving in a year, so we are trying to just get it running for the rest of the time. Since the pump isn't generating enough flow at low speed, the hot tub errors out saying the heater is dry - It's not. We've bled the air, getting just water out of the bleeder ports. 

To get the tub up and running again - is it feasible to switch the high and low speed wires on the pump? So when the spa calls for heat, it actually turns the pump onto high? Then when anyone is using the spa, the rule will just be, don't touch pump 1. Don't put it on low. Make sure it's either off, or running on high. To that end, I could leave the high speed wire (which would have been switched to the low side) disconnected. So either the pump runs at high speed, or not at all. 


Really appreciate any insights and feedback!

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