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1995 Tiger River Spa Morana not heating


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I have a 95 Tiger River Spa Monara. Had a new heater install about a year ago. Nothing was wrong with the old heater it just was cracked and suggested to be fixed. Tub worked great for 6 months and then began to heat way up. Did it a few times and then stoped heating all together. Lights and jet still  work and I can hear the circ pump running. I replaced the heater relay and filter. No luck yet. Any advice?

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On 11/28/2021 at 8:48 PM, RDspaguy said:

Post pics of circuit board with power on so we can see what's lit. Are there any errors or flashing lights on the controller?

I will get some pictures tomorrow morning for you. It has one ready light and it's on steady. I did notice some damage to the paw board and the thermostat control board. I found a new paw board, but they discontinued the thenrostat control board.

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