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Chlorine generator selection

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I have a 10,000 gallon chlorine pool that I want to change into a salt pool. It is just my wife & I and we live in Florida. No kids and no parties with others in the pool.   I would like to use Pentair products.  I have received many quotes and been told by them to go with every different Pentair unit.  I understand that the IC number is how many gallons of water it will chlorinate. I understand that going with a larger unit, it will not have to work as hard and may prolong its life.  Ive been told that I should go with the IC30 because when I need to replace it I can go with any other cell easily.  Ive been told that the IC20 will be enough and if not I can replace with the IC40 being it uses the same power supply.  Other companies only will install the IC40.  

The 30 looks like its an older, outdated version.  Its just called Ichlor instead of Intellichlor. But no one will tell me the real differences.  Is the IC30 the older model?  Do the Intellichlors just have more lights? Can't any cell be replaced with another cell?  Thats only whether you need a new power supply, right?  Any help, thoughts, opinions appreciated.  I just don't know how to pick without complete information that no one will give me.  

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