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Winterizing a hayward heater


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Hello All

Do any of you know how to drain the hayward "HP70HA2" heater?  'Winter is coming' and I need to prep the heater for it! 

Disconnecting the water inlet & outlet will be easy but I cannot find the drain to empty the condenser and supposedly there is one.... 
Do I need to take a screwdriver and remove certain panels to gain access? I got a hose delivered with the heat pump which I think I need to connect to the drain...when I find it 🙂 Tried Youtube/google extensively but to no avail!  

Anything will help

Thank you!

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Thank you!

 checked but could not find the drain still; I think because I have a different type:

https://www.hayward-pool.com.au/assets/documents/poolsaustralia/pdf/manuals/energyline-pro-inverter-series-heat-pump-manual.pdf   it's the ELPI - 17 I have. 

The manual refers to a drain: 

5.2 Winterising » Put the heat pump in “OFF” mode. » Turn off the power supply to the heat pump. » Empty the condenser with the help of the drain to avoid any risk of deterioration (high risk of freezing then cracking). » Close the by-pass valve and unscrew the entry/exit connection unions. » Eliminate the maximum amount of residual stagnant water from the condenser with the help of an air gun. » Close the water entry and exit areas of the heating pump to avoid introducing foreign bodies. » Cover the heating pump with a dedicated winterising cover.


I will have another look to see if I can spot it 🙂 

Many thanks!

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