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Topside Control or Main Board or ?


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I have a Saratoga Spas 2003 Spa.  I replaced both the main board and topside control in 2017.  The main board is a Gecko 0201-300045 (Replacement Kit for MSPA-1 and MSPA-4) and the topside control is BDLTSC8GE1 (TSC-8-GE1 AND OVERLAY Keypad).  Just recently I started having these symptoms.

- Temp displays correctly.

- Circulation pump runs, heater heats, and maintains temp at 104.

- Temperature up/down and light buttons do not do anything.

- Every other button (power, pump1, pump2, blower, filter) cycles the blower through high/med/low/off.  

- If I disconnect the topside control the system still circulates and heats.

So I took a guess that the topside control was bad and bought a new replacement.  However, even with the new topside the symptoms were exactly the same.

I have to assume the problem is in the main board, but it seems like really odd behavior for a bad main board.  Also, the main board is pretty expensive so I don't want to buy a replacement if that's not the problem.

Any advice here for something else to look for?  Or other steps to debug?  Or maybe what might be wrong with the main board so I could attempt a repair myself?



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If the new topside acts the same as the old and because it is a very odd issue then I'm looking at the board. I'm checking the pins where the topside connects to the board for a coating of some sort on the pins or a bent pin. If none of that works and because it is an odd issue I am contacting Gecko Tech support. They are usually very helpful


1 800 784 3256

If you find a fix please post back to help the next person

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Ok, here is a picture of the schematic.  

Also, I double checked that the control jumper is set to 8-key (not that I would have ever changed it).  

And now that it's cold I can verify that the jet pump does come on automatically for freeze prevention even though I can't manually turn it on.



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