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Marquis euphoria spa won’t turn on


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Hey hi,
We have a marquis euphoria spa. Very new to the whole thing and mostly following the guide which was super complicated.
Anyway I think I messed up something because after keeping the spa on for half an hour I smelled some sort of burning and then the spa shutdown.
I tried to turn it on from the main switch but the breaker (main power line) does not turn on.
I opened up the spas backside to see what could have gone wrong. But there are no visible signs of burning. I also opened up the control box and heater section (650-0519) but no fuse seems to be blown.

Does anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong ? 

Thank you in advance for your help

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Well, the wiring diagram shows 2 brown "hot" wires and a blue "neutral", but I only see one brown wire with a jumper to the other terminal. This may keep some things from working, but shouldn't burn anything up. I would suggest you get it wired properly, and on a gfci breaker.

A tripped breaker must be switched off before it can reset. The tripped position is only halfway to off.

Disconnect the copper tabs from the heater. Make sure to hold the small nut directly beneath the tab so it does not twist while removing the top nut. Bend tabs up until they no longer touch the heater terminal posts. See if the breaker turns on. If so, replace the heater.

If not, unplug everything on the left side and try again. If it still won't reset, it's the breaker or wire. If it does, plug in and test pump 1, then pump 2, then ozone, until it trips again.

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