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Strange motor issues


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I have a dual pump system in my hot tub.  My secondary pump turns on and I can hear it making noises, but nothing is coming out of the jets.  The main pump works fine and heats the water as it should.  Very strange, anyone have any jumping off points I can try to figure out what is going on?  I don't mind replacing the pump, but I'd like to see if there is anything I can fix first.


That link is the pump I have.  I asked AcuraSpa what I could try but they just sent me links to a new pump.  Fortunately I can take it out without draining the hot tub.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Neal


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Did you recently fill the spa? Could there be an air lock in the pump wet end? To clear an air lock back off the coupler at the face of the motor a couple of turns until you get water dripping out and allow any air to escape. With an air lock you can have water on both sides of the pumps plumbing but air trapped in the wet end/middle. Motor will work and impeller will spin but it won't move water until the air is released.

At the back of that pump you will see a black cap with a screw holding it on that is right in the middle of that black cap. Remove the cap and you will see the shaft on the motor...again dead center and it will have a slot in it that you can place a flat head screwdriver into and see if the shaft of the motor spins freely or if it is stuck... or you can put power to the pump IE turn the pump on and see if it spins as it should. If it spins freely then I would remove the pump and check to see if the impeller has broken off the shaft or if there are any blockages. 

If you have to replace the entire unit you will likely be able to find it cheaper in the aftermarket online. Pumps can also be rebuilt fairly cheap depending on the issue. Where on Earth are you located NA or Europe?

Let us know results 

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