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Cal spa only heats to 100


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Seems to me that the heater isn’t working.  The spa doesn’t stop circulating because temp is set to 100 but the heater light not lit and the spa temp has remained the same.  Spa heated up to 100 the first day I got it but hadn’t operated correctly since then.  

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Turn off power and test heater for continuity. Should be around 10 ohms. Then remove the wires from the pressure switch (round thing on side of heater) and test it as well. Should be an open circuit, no continuity, infinity ohms.

Unplug sensors from board and take an ohm reading on each. They will be in the 10k ohms range, so set your meter accordingly.

Turn on power and set temp to 104. Are there any error codes on the display? Does the heat indicator turn on? Do the jets function properly (low, high, off)? Test for voltage across the heater terminals, should be 240v. 

Post reults.



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