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Tripping breaker Sundance Optima Sentry 850

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Hey again. I have a Sundance Optima Sentry 750/ 850. It was blowing the main fuse and I isolated it to the either the blower motor, heater, or circ pump. I installed a new heater today and instead of blowing the main fuse, it trips the breaker after about 5 minutes of running. The circ pump and blower are disconnected( don’t really need the blower) and I’m wondering if it’s tripping because the circ pump isn’t hooked up? Any help diagnosing this would be awesome.

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So hook the circ back up and see what happens. Post photos of the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover.

Plug circ back in and disconnect the heater and main pumps 1 and 2. Check that the circ is working as it should and there should be no error codes. Then when the spa is calling for heat test for 240V at the heater connecting on/at the circuit board. If it runs and you get proper power to the heater off the circuit board without issue then add the heater back onto the board and try again. Then if it is still going good add pump 1 and test, then add p2 and test.  Let us know results.

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Thanks CanadianSpaTech. Disconnected everything but the circ pump and it tripped the breaker and threw a flo code. Guess the flow switch was getting enough water though it with the main pumps on. Will order a replacement and go from there . Hopefully the gremlins have left.

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