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Which pump is circ

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I've got this 2004 marquis reward silver that has been worked on alot but I'm putting it right. Problem is they wired around the pump plugs and I'm thinking pump 1 is wired to 2 and visa versa. Since it originally came with 2 mp-160s I'm trying to figure which is the circ pump. In my mind the circ would be closest to the heater since they run out in different directions. Anyone got any thoughts.

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A "circ" pump is typically a small pump that feeds the heater and runs 24/7. It is not pump 1 or 2. Many spas do not use a circulation pump

The pump used for filtering and heating in a non-circ pump spa is pump 1, and is 2 speed and plumbed to the heater and filters. Proximity does not matter, follow the pipes from heater to pump and that's pump 1.

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