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Ph problem

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I am having a real problem with our pool here in West Palm Beach Florida. I take care of our pool. I do not use a service. I have been taking care of my own pool since living on Long Island and now this one here in Fla. The pool is around 14,000 to 16,000 gallon free form in ground pool. I have a new Hayward Salt System and I installed Hayward because I had the same system in New York and I am use to it.  My equipment is meticulous. I keep the Alkalinity at about 80, the chlorine is within normal limits, hardness and stabilizer within normal range and the salt I usually keep at the high side of 3300-3400.


I cannot control the PH. It is constantly high and I do not know what else to do. I'm going to broke buying muriatic acid since I have to put it in the pool about every three days and could actually do it every two days. I get the PH down to 7.2 for instance in 3 days it's 8.2. I have adjusted the alkalinity and added Borate, that did nothing. I shut off the spillover thinking that might be causing it. It isn't. 


The only thing that changed was about 2.5 months ago I had the pool acid washed. I don't remember having this problem prior to it. I have asked some pool service people and they have no idea what they are talking about. One guy said normal in Florida another guy said it's do to the rain and that is patently false because rainwater is acidic. There are no phosphates getting in the pool. The pool is opened to the sky.


Does anyone out there have a solution or advice. Chime in Chem Geek if you would or anyone out there.


Thank you



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