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Found a leak today

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2011ish limelight flair.  Haven't used the tub in about 2 weeks. Went out last night to toss some liquid in and was a puddle near drain. Popped cover amd with some light the heater and cap is dripping every second or so. Did it before during a drain/fill but not when warm. Heater is 5yo from what I know amd I saw they make am end cap kit w Orings. I bit the bullet amd ordered a new heater amd spent the 30 bucks on the end kit amd orings. If it blows during winter I'm gonna have major freeze damage so I'll repair amd keep the heater for doomsday or maybe other way around amd keep as backup.

Anybody know life expectancy average for the watkins heaters?

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Depends on your chemistry and circumstances. I've seen heaters last 20 years and seen them crap out in a few months. Watkins are among the more reliable types, but are subject to damage to o-rings and plastic parts from overheat resulting from low flow conditions. And water chemistry issues can deteriorate any rubber gaskets and o-rings in the spa, as well as metal parts. 

Typical heater lifespan is 3-5 years.

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