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Advice on Intake Flange Repair


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An issue popped up that perhaps you might be able to offer advice on. I think in moving the pipes to remove the pump I dislodge the intake flange in the tub. I took it apart and cleaned it as best as possible. The gasket seems to be good, not brittle etc. I am wondering what the best reassembly method would be. Should there be any glue or sealant between the gasket and tub? It looked like there was something there but it could also have been calcium build up from the hard water I have here. Also there looked like there was some kind of putty in the thread of the flange and silicone sealant between the flange and inside of the tub. Should I add some sealant to the threads? Would teflon tape work? Should I add silicone between flange and inside of the tub?






Pipe Question-01.png

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