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OHH code '06 beachcomber


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I'm having an OHH code on my beachcomber hot tub

I just replaced the smaller pump as the last one burned out. I filled from the filter housing, opened the bleed screw and drained all the air through there, everything seemed okay last night but when I checked it this morning it was still cold and there was a SNB code

I pulled the sensor out (lots of water no air) and also unplugged it and sprayed with electrical contact cleaner

Now instead of a SNB code I'm getting the OHH as soon as I turn on the breaker even if it has sat for a few minutes

I also tried unplugging the b sensor and there was still an OHH code right away. Maybe needed more time to reset though ?  Hoping it's not a circuit board. Don't really wanna keep throwing parts at it. Everything was working fine before the pump burnt out 

Any help appreciated ! Thanks!


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The issue started right after you replaced the circulation pump and not before correct?

When the circ is running is it moving water in the spa?

Are you certain you replaced the circ with a circ that is same voltage as the original it could be either 120V or 240V. Please verify.

Next time SNB shows swap it at the circuit board with SNA and see if you now get a SNA code...if you do replace the sensor. It is normal/recommended to replace both sensors at the same time. 


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Thanks for the reply

Yes, the problem started after replacing the pump. The tub did sit for 2 months without running though

The circulation pump is definetly working ! Correct voltage. It was a direct replacement for the previous one

I went out this morning after having the breaker shut off all night. It ran normally for 5 minutes except the display said 87 and then eventually went down to 80. It eventually gave me an SNS code and then went to OHH

I haven't seen the SNB code since the first night but it does seem like something is out of wack with the sensors 

I wish I ordered both sensors knowing that now..




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I unplugged the B sensor and it doesn't seem to be giving me the OHH code

Now it's just saying SNS and SE

The temperature on the display bounces between 58 and 70 degrees

The weird thing is it keeps trying to kick the Jets in but it shuts them off right away

I have the breaker shut off now 


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Sorry that I haven't replied in a few days was waiting for the sensor to show up !!

I have not changed the heater element

I changed the 1 sensor that came in and i still ended up with an SNS code after a short while 

It Ran for at least an hour and I got the OHH code again

Jets weren't doing any funny things 

The circulation pump is definetly circulating water, but from what I remember when the heater element is on, isn't the circulation pump supposed to speed up from an "idle"?

Thanks so much for your replies really appreciate the help 

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