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Manual for Keys Fitness Spa


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Most hottub manuals are useless and don't contain much info of any value to people in your situation.   Aside from a bunch of warnings and such, the only thing they'll really tell you is how to operate the topside control panel and which knobs are used controlling which jets in the spa (like the diverter valve and air valves).  There normally isn't too much about water chemistry or troubleshooting aside from the basics.

Fortunately there are only a few brands which use proprietary parts, and yours isn't one of them.   Your spa likely uses very industry standard off-the-shelf components with the only special parts being the exterior cabinet design and to a lesser extent, the shell design (lots of brands but not all use the same thermoforming molds for the shell haha)

Instead of hunting for a useless owners manual.  I suggest you start by grabbing your camera and photographing the spa, specifically remove the access panel and photograph the wiring diagram, then snap some photos of the equipment and control board (try to get some close up shots of anything which looks suspect - like burned electrical marks).

Then start a new post, tell us what you know, and what you've done so far.    "not working" can mean a lot of things.  The more info you give, the better chance someone can get you started in the right direction.  Are you comfortable using a multimeter to test electrical wiring?  I'm sure the guys will have you test some stuff to see if you're getting voltage or continuity where needed.

If you're not comfortable using a multimeter, It might be worth calling in a general spa technician to perform some diagnostics and give you the rundown of what it'll take to get your spa fixed up and running again.

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