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FLO error


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I put in a new circulating pump as I had a FLO error.  I have now changed the spa pack and spa control.  I put in a IN-XE-5-11-H.0 spa pack and a K450 spa control.  I have a 2 speed pump and a 1 speed pump as well as the circulating pump.  I set the spa control to LL3 as suggested.  I got the spa to heat to 100 degrees but overnight I now a FLO error again.  I have removed the air from both pumps and removed both air filters but no luck.  I have reset the breaker and tried again but no luck.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have a Lazy Boy refresh spa.  


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I checked the fuses and they are good.  I changed to LL5 and pump 2 still does not work.  Then my temperature goes to


I then went to the light key and pressed it

these are all the readings

102 temp

then the time

F5 12

FD 6

FF 2

EP 0

E5 12

ED 6




temperature is back.  Heat is 102 and the circulating pump is running.  Pump 1 works on both speeds but pump 2 does not register

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See pages 26-28 in the tech manual. Posted link above and program the pack for each component instead of using a LL program number ie: pump 1- 2-speed= P1-2, pump 2 -1 speed =P2-1, ozone and so on. Were you able to get into that programming menu by holding pump 1 button?

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