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Gecko In.Xe Spa Pack - topside control question


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Quick question about the Gecko In.Xe Spa Pack and a particular control issue that I seem to be having.  From some previous discussion here, I now have the Gecko manual for the spa pack, which has been super helpful.  I suspect that my Topside control may have failed but just want to confirm what I am seeing and check if there is some other way to confirm it before I buy a new one.  I have the In.K200 control pad - I believe it is model 0607-008022 (or a predecessor to it).

The spa pack seems to be working properly.  No error codes, maintains temp, etc.  However, pump 1 is not responsive to button presses and neither is the light.  Pump 2 works and the Up/Down arrow button works.  The spa pack will operate pump 1 at both speeds.  It will cycle the circulation pump, which turns on the low speed jets on one side of the spa.  In this scenario, the pump 1 light on the display will flash.  Also, when I recycle the entire spa using the main breaker it will turn on the high speed for pump 1.  In this case the display for pump 1 is lit solid (albeit dimmer than pump 2, not sure if meaningful, guessing not).

However, no matter what I do, the pump 1 button does not work.  So it seems to me like the spa pack is able to control pump 1 AND it seems that both speeds are working.  So logically it seems to be the control pad has failed.  Any way to confirm that without buying a new one?

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