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2015 Hot Springs Grandee wireless control lights up, but there's water in the casing and the buttons don't respond


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I am waiting for a $1500 new cover and lift unit to arrive (been waiting since the beginning of June...).  While putting in new water into the tub, I noticed the wireless unit is waterlogged.  The screen lights up, but I can't access any of the buttons.  Is there anyway to dry it out, or do I have to find a way to get a new unit as well?  Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Never tried drying one out.  What do you mean you cannot access any of the buttons?  Is the screen blank or do the buttons just not respond to touch?

if it is determined you need a new wireless remote, they should be readily available.  Unlike the hot tub cover, it won’t take forever to get.

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14 hours ago, MAMom said:

Yes, the buttons don't respond to touch.  If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.  Thank you!!

Unscrew and remove the battery - this is the one rubber seal you can definitely remove.   Then to avoid damaging the other rubber seal any further by completely disassembling, I personally would grab a small tupperware bin and fill with desiccant packets (everyone hoards those free reusable desiccant packets they find packed with electronics and other stuff, right?? lol) - place the remote in this bin and leave it for a week or longer to suck out all the moisture from the remote.

Re-install the battery, and try re-pairing. 

I don't know if this will work - it's likely the digitizer layer of the screen has been shorted out - but there's a small chance drying it out completely will help.


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