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American Whirlpool Hot tub 471

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My american whirlpool hot tub was hooked up yesterday and properly installed. The control panel turned on and worked. This is am i fill it up and try to turn on control panel and won’t turn on. Had my electrician come back out and checked GHI and fuses and panels and nothing everything is fine. Blinking red light on american whirlpool tag but control panel will not turn on. Called my company who i got it from to come out and can’t get them out here for 2 weeks!!! any suggestions please!

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On 8/12/2021 at 9:19 PM, RDspaguy said:

I am not familiar with this brand

It's MAAX Spas, which was rebranded in 2018 to improve their image and obfuscate old negative customer reviews.  They are now sold under the "American Whirlpool" and "Vita Spas" brand names (both built in the same factory from what I understand).


On 8/12/2021 at 4:43 PM, Christine711 said:

Called my company who i got it from to come out and can’t get them out here for 2 weeks!!! any suggestions please!

That's why we always say the dealer is almost as important the brand you buy.  The dealer is responsible for warranty labor costs, not the manufacturer in most cases.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Call the dealer back and see if they can't get someone out sooner - you paid good money for this spa and it's currently a lemon sitting unused.    Something simple may have come loose in shipping/delivery, but your dealer is responsible for it under warranty.   The last thing you want is to void your warranty in the process.

I tried to look up the meaning of the status indicator lights, but all I could find was that some models have it.  Not a single piece of documentation saying what the colors mean (not even in the manuals I saw lol).   Blinking red likely means service needed, but without the topside panel it's hard to know what the error code is (possibly that topside is not working lol)


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My American whirlpool 4 person hot tub (3 1/2) years old starting catching small chunks of a black (soft black material) in the filter. I started collecting them as I clean my filter and am curious what they could be?  Deterioration of rubber impellers?  If so why so soon? I do t over use chemicals.  

thanks you for comments


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