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Proper way to switch spa from biguanide to bromine?

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I recently moved into a house where the previous owner used biguanide in the spa.  We are having a coughing issue with fumes when the spa jets are on (surprisingly we don’t have the goo issue people talking about).  I didn’t have the fume/coughing issue with bromine in my previous spa ownership experience.  How do I go about switching to bromine correctly? I read that I should use ahh-some and drain the spa but do I just do this one time or do I have to repeat the process several times? I recently got new filters but used them with biguanide, so can I just clean them and reuse with bromine or do I need new filters again?

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Float the filters in the spa with the ahhsome.

It may take several uses to remove the buildup, but once done it's done, and a single use at water change will be sufficient thereafter. I have used it multiple times with the same water, just be sure to wipe off the gunk before it dries or you'll be sorry.

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On 8/7/2021 at 6:19 PM, Ankit said:

do I need new filters agai

You will most likely need new filters because one a halogen hits the biguinide residue it will form goo. When you refill you will have to oxidize any remaining biguinide in the plumbing. I suggest chlorine. If there is biguinide present the FC won't hold. Keep adding chlorine (I suggest bleach) until you can hold a free chlorine level of 10 ppm. Then drain, purge, and refill with new filters and start your bromine.

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