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Leak - not sure of the purpose of this component

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Hi Folks,

Still trying to work out some issues with the thermospa tub that I posted about last week.  I have it filled and have been using it so there's progress!  However, I noticed a leak today and I could use a tip about the purpose of this part.  It's a loose fitting coming off a T from a jet.  There is a 2nd one next to it, not leaking, that appears to have some kind of foam in the tip.  The one pictured had a steady stream of drips coming off it.  I'd suspected that there might be a leak since my water level had dropped a little faster than expected.  This is the source.  I have another leak that is more like a slight weep off of a main joint but that's not producing any significant amount of water (still need to deal with it somehow).

Anyway, if anyone knows what this part is it would be a great help.  For now, I have kinked and zip tied the line as a temporary solution to stop the leak.




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Did some cursory research and also used the spa last night and discovered some more issues (my spouse is back so opened the whole spa up).  I am also having some issues with numerous jets.  Of the 4 main seats in the spa only 1 of them seems to be operating properly.  I suspect I have either one or more failed jets or some sort of sediment in a jet causing the issue.  Is there an easy way to debug the jets or do I need to drain the tub and take each one of them apart?

Regarding the leak, I think I overfilled the tub.  I will have to lower the level and see if it persists or if it might be related to the issue with the jets.  That check valve that is leaking, assuming it is a check valve, is T'd off a line for a jet that isn't working.  Or, I should say, most of them on that side of the spa are not working.

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Each jet is individually adjustable by turning the face. Are they just turned off? Are they getting any pressure at all?

Many spas have a diverter valve that switches water flow from one seat to another. Have you checked that?


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Thanks, I will have to work on it over the weekend.  Wasn't able to tinker with it at night.  Could be that they are turned off but I suspect not.  I have not checked the diverter valve.  In fact, I didn't realize that there was one.  I will have to open all the panels and see if I can find something like that.  thanks for your assistance again!!

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