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Sundance Optima hose leaking

Don R

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Had a problem with the flo switch which I changed out.  That’s working fine now.  But all of a sudden this hose just down line from the flo switch started leaking water when spa is off.  It seems to take in air when pump is running.  Can’t find a diagram of this any where.  For now have to keep hose above water level so it does not leak.  Does anyone know the purpose of this hose and How I can fix it?  



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That is the ozone injection hose, and connects to a mazzei valve (the white thing on the right, yours is upside down) that should have a built-in check valve, a check valve in the hose, and a loop or 2 that goes above water level between the two.

Your loop has fallen and your check valve failed, possibly because it's upsidedown. The other check valve should be in the hose end, but it has come apart. You will likely find it on a short hose coming off the bottom of the ozonator, if you have one, which I suspect you do or that hose would be kinked over and zip tied. I can see it is stretched an discolored like it has been on the check valve for many years.

What year is that Sundance spa?

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Hi thanks for the reply.  The spa is a 2002 Optima.

So interesting enough the check valve has always been in that position.

I found the other hose coming off the ozonator.  So these hoses should be connected.  Looks like part of a fitting in each end that broke off.  
So I need to order a replacement hose with a new check valve?  I should also flip the valve over?



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