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Liquid or Granular Chlorine / Shock VS Granular Chlorine

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I've confused myself by doing too much reading I think. I need some clarification on a couple things if anyone can help.

Granular chlorine seems to be more cost effective in the long run for a residential pool. I use liquid chlorine currently, and I shock the pool with 1lb bags of granular calcium hypochlorite bimonthly or so. I'm thinking of switching to granular chlorine, and I'm having trouble understanding if there is a difference between "shock" and granular chlorine. So my questions are, can I use the same bags I use a shock as my normal sanitizer instead of liquid chlorine, or should I be using something else specifically for normal sanitization? Is shock just the short term for super chlorination, but the product is the same as normal chlorinating sanitizer? This might be a given fact, that I just can't seem to find a straight answer to. 



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The terms "shock" and "granular chlorine" can apply to many things. Please be specific when discussing chemicals.

Calcium hypochlorite adds calcium as well as chlorine. You can use it for regular maintenance, but your calcium will be going up along with ph.

Liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, is just concentrated bleach. Any plain bleach (unscented, not splashless or colorsafe or whatever) is the same chemical, just more diluted so you need more of it. The percentage is marked on the label, with pool chlorine at 10-14%, and bleach anywhere from 3-8%. Do a little math to adjust for concentration and liquid chlorine just got cheap and available at dollar tree.


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