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Control hot tub over wifi - control box Hawk

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Hello, I have a hot spring hot tub with a Hawk 76840 control box.
I would like to control the hot tub via wifi.
Does anyone have any further data on the control box?
I think there could be a way to connect an Arduino board to the control panel?
Does anyone know how the control panel communicates with the controller?

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Hi, yes I know there is no wifi controller.
So I would like to try this with an arduino.
I would like to know how the HEAD Control communicates.
Is it i2c?
Does anyone have the pin layout of the connector?

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My guess is that what you are wanting is proprietary and not available to the public. In 26 years, I have never seen a pin layout for a proprietary digital control system on any brand.

If you find one, please post it so we can all see.

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Hi, I've seen a lot about other devices. It's a great community in the homematic field.
I was hoping to get to know a few in this area.
Unfortunately, my knowledge of microcontrollers is not that good.
I measured J9.

Blue 3.9V
Yellow 12V
green 0.06V
Red 0V (gnd)
black 3.9V
white 0.06V

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