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Locating Missing Junction Box

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The history as I know it. It’s an olddd Sylvan Pool. Not an Anthony & Sylvan pool. This pool is gunite, 2 skimmers located on the right of pool. Each skimmer has a return line directly under it. Only 1 drain at deep end and the deep  end is roughly 11ft. She holds 30,000 gallons. She’s free form and has port between the 2 skimmers for a cleaner. It was using a D.E FIlter but we converted it to sand when we purchased. 


Now for the uh ohhh’s.

1.)We have a missing junction box. That’s my big issue. As I have the light sitting on the deck. We aren’t using it but we had a licensed electrician disconnect the light. It is the only light to the pool. No other features have been located. Thank God! We’ve been digging holes all day. The switch to turn on the light is in the pool shed with the pump and filter but no idea where the junction box is (see picture below). Now I’m a smart lady so I called the electrician and he came out but the electrician couldn’t find it and said call a pool contractor. The pool contractor said “I dunno, you should call an electrician.” but we can get you an estimate on a new pool. Ugh..So back to digging holes. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. The pictures are the condition we got in. I’ll upload how it looks now later today. The plumbing is mostly the same.
Picture below is looking at pool from pool shed/shallow end. Light is on the deep end.





2.)Where can I find the diverted valve or must we replace the whole skimmer? 


And yes we’re saving for a complete remodel but we bought the house that Mr. I Know A LIttle About A Lit built so slow and steady is the only way to go! Thanks for any suggestions! 

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RD is right about the junction box.  Where is the light?  Sorry but I could not see from your pic's.  If it is at the deep end, you could look around as far back as behind that retaining wall.  But in reality, It could have been placed anywhere.  The retaining wall could have even been an afterthought and the j-box was buried. 

As for the skimmer(s), you say that they both have the equalizer lines?  Then you may have either a main drain line that runs back to the equipment, or has been abandoned with the skimmer due to leaking.  Those skimmers use a diverter insert when a main drain line is integrated or "teed" into them that appears to be missing  Tell tale plug in the skimmer (photo) may suggest the afore mentioned abandoned or leaking line.

Looks like you are in the middle of a re-plumb.  Two lines going into the pump could be the two skimmers, Deep end skimmer having the main drain integrated into it, or the two skimmers tied together and the main drain on the other line. the plug in the one skimmer may be for vacuuming and forgot to remove, or you plugged while you are doing the replumb to keep from taking a bath if the system is lower than the pool.

As you can see, even though you supplied pics and gave a good description, there are still a lot of questions about the plumbing that may only be answered by being on site.

... Or I am totally off in which case ignore all the above.  

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