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Well water - brown no matter what


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I recently purchased a home with a spa but have no documentation on it - heater and both pumps blew within weeks of having it so replaced those - after spending the money I am trying to get some more use out of this before I break down and buy a new one. 

I have used a filter on the hose to refill, had water delivered, tried non-chlorine shock, taken the water to spa places to have it analyzed and put in what they told me too - matter what the water turns brown with any type of chemical treatment.

the previous owner only used it herself and probably showered before every use. She said she through in a chlorine puck every once in awhile (normally used for pools) and described it as “low maintenance”. She had metal out - and Lea sure time ph up down in the garage as well as other chemicals.

how do I figure out if it’s my hot tubs pipes that are just completely shot? Or maybe it’s my well pipes and I should get them dug and replaced with PVC because even if I bought a new spa the same situation would still occur? Or a specialist to advise how to clean/balance the water? 

anyone who has dealt with stubborn issues like this ? Thank you!!

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