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Pesticide spray on the insulation

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Has anyone tried spraying bug spray, like the ones a pesticide company would use, on the actual spa insulation. I have lots of black widows nesting there and crickets that live in there that i want to have sprayed. I figured i could spray the insulation so it would last longer an prevent the spiders from getting in there. 

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I have had the misfortune to have started leak repairs on a spa that had been sprayed with a sprayer stuck into the foam. After an hour of digging in wet foam I found my arms red and swollen and burning. When I asked about it the owner nonchalantly says, "yeah, we had the exterminator spray it in there last week." I charged for my time and left, saying I would let them know if I wound up in the hospital, and would not return unless all of the poison saturated foam was removed. The "asshole" was silent, but heard loud and clear.

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