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Resurfacing inground pool


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Two years ago i purchased a house with an  inground concrete pool thats 15x35.  I noticed last summer that a lot of the paint coating was blistering and coming off.  This summer, i had the pool drained and sandblasted.  4 layers of old paint came off.  Beneath it is a white plaster layer.  In some locations the plaster had surface cracks and hollow spots.  I had the contractor chip away the old debonded plaster.  Instead of plastering again the pool, i decided to proceed with tiling the whole pool with mosaic glass tile.  However, i am uncertain of a few thingsl:
1-  do i need to remove all the white plaster before tiling or can i apply the tile on the plaster, so long as it is not cracked or debonded.  Will this last or will my tiles come off?
2- if i can proceed to tiling.  I imagine i need to first fix the areas that were chipped out.  What product would i use for that? Hydraulic cememnt or cementitious waterproofing.  Do i apply that only to the areas that the plaster was removed or the whole pool
3-  what is the proper process and materials o use to get tile installed properly?
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Ask the tile guy how he intends to prep the surface. You MUST get all the loose (de-lamed) plaster off.  It may mean chipping the entire pool.  Tiling is expensive because its so labor intensive, so this is going to be a major investment.  Unless you have some experience in tiling POOLS, not just your kitchen back splash, have it done by a tile guy with references, or better yet, some pools that he has done, and not necessarily recently.  You are looking to see how well his work is holding up.

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