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Troubleshoot Sundance Cameo display panel build date 06/2011

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My display was flashing crazily and mashing the buttons on the panel didn't have an effect on the pumps or jets.


The disco lights do come on but that's all I can control with the panel.


 I had a repair tech out 3 weeks ago who said he thought it was probably the display panel that needed to be replaced. Since then, his office claimed twice that they can't reach Sundance to order the part so I'm ready to move on from them because I suspect that's BS.


I can see the display for sale in several different places on the net as well as a video for how to replace it. The only thing I'm worried about is misdiagnosing and spend $400 on a display when something else is wrong. Here's a video of what it's doing.  Is there a way to definitively know if it is the panel that's no good?

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It behaves as though it has a shorted button. That would be my first guess, but I would check the topside wire for damage and test the transformer. Did he do that, do you know? 

There are supply issues all over the industry right now, and many online suppliers still list product as in stock because they aren't actual supply warehouses, they are just middlemen and are ordering the part themselves when you order it from them. They will likely notify you in a day or a week and a half that it is backordered. I speak from recent experience...🙄 I've been trying to get a certain topside for 3 months.

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