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Swim spa temperatures

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I own the H2X 19 swim spa. It has the hot tub and swim spa with wall divider, meaning we can set the temperatures different for both hot tub and swim spa.  We love it, but in the hot summer months the swim spa gets too hot (90 F) for swimming.  Anyone of you found a cost effective way to cool the swim spa?

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Drain water and add water. Not very efficient and time consuming. Tried the frozen gallon jugs and it takes more than I can fit into a freezer to lower the temperature only a couple degrees. They make pool water coolers but they are expensive. When the water temperature is 90 degrees you cannot swim laps in the swim spa. It's useless as a swim spa in the hot summer months which here by the gulf is June through September. 

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Yeah, it's an issue with plain old swimming pools too in hot climates with lots of sun. No, it's not very efficient, but you asked for cheap. That's all I've got that's cheap.

In my 26 years of spa repair/installation I have installed heat pumps, "coolers" (basically a tiny refrigerator for water), swamp coolers (out west in dry climates, basically a radiator and fan with a water drip), and even worked on a spa that had been DIY'd to an old beer cooler. I guess that last one was pretty cheap, at least it LOOKED cheap.😉

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