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Pumps Get hot and shut down


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I have a 2007 Down East spa Windsor 3 hot tub. I’ve recently changed the heater and on pump that was frozen. Changed all the manifolds (previous owner let it freeze). Got it all set and filled let it prime and not all the keys will work. I turn on jet 1 and it’s really low turn on jet 2 and it’s the same not difference. After a while pump one will shut down and it’s really hot to touch. I have to wait a while for it to kick on again. I’m completely stuck thought I had this all fixed. Help please I’m going insane. 

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1 hour ago, RDspaguy said:

Is this the first time the tub has run at that location? Is it on a gfci breaker? Check your incoming power to verify you have 240v red to black and 120v red to white, and they are connected properly at the spa. 


 Dis regard if you in a Europa.

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