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Jacuzzi J355 or Trevi Balneo 1000

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2 hours ago, ratchett said:

available way back in the early 90's -

I think it was '98 or so when Jacuzzi bough Sundance and began the j series (I worked for a Sundance dealer when it happened) with all the Sundance guts in a new shell/cabinet design. Before that Jacuzzi was just a name and made some pretty crappy tubs in my opinion. Sundance was top of the line at the time, and many of their innovations have become industry standards since (24hr circulation, ozone, digital controls (they were the first to use Balboa), manifold jets, full-foam insulation, 3 layer shell, and suction side skimmer filter, just to name a few). Jacuzzi bought all that and immediately used it in their "jacuzzi premium" line. In fact, in the first few years you would find control packs with the Sundance name on them in Jacuzzi spas.

I consider Sundance/Jacuzzi to be a top tier spa, right beside Hot Springs/Caldera.

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OK!  So I went and bought the J355.  Not all dealers are created equal that is for sure!  I found one I really liked, even had the color I wanted coming in in August, and jumped on it.  Super excited!  Thanks again to all who helped and happy spaing!  🙂

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