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2004 Hot Springs Prodigy goes in to error mode when I turn on jets

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I have a 2004 HotSprings Prodigy Model H that goes in to error mode (red blinking light on control panel and heater stops heating) when after about 30 seconds or a minute after turning the jets on.  It will also happen if I turn the lights on (but not jets).  I figured out that if I turn the temp setting down so the heater won't go on that the jets work fine and run continuously.  I tested the amperage draw of the jet pump and it was right at the rated amperage of the motor.  I've had the spa about 2 years and I have been able to run both the heater and jets and lights until recently.  I've also tried the standard protocol of removing the intake filter to make sure it wasn't a flow issue.  Any thoughts on where to look?  I don't mind replacing the control board, but I don't want to spend the money if that's not the issue.  Thanks in advance.

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Well, that makes no sense at all... so it must be a board problem. The only question is: Which one? (There are 3) 

First off, check all wiring for damage.

I would then pull the controller out and check that board for moisture, corrosion, or damage.

On something this odd, it may be worthwhile to call hot springs. They may have seen this before, where we have not. Though their fall back answer is "new control system", so be prepared to hear that if they don't know for sure.

Post pics of circuit board and equipment area so we can see what you've got going on there.

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