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Question regard Wellis Malaga Premium (AKA Wellis London)

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I am not sure mine is wired up properly, I have 4 buttons on the Smart Touch display/Wellis App

1. Pump 1
2. Pump 2
3, Fountain
4. Lights

Now the hot tub has a fountain and waterfall, the waterfall only comes on if pump number 2 (button number 2) is on.

The fountain only comes on if the filter is active, and vice versa, the filter is only active when the fountain is active (button number 3)

I can turn both the waterfall and fountain by the knobs on the side but it doesn't seem right to me.

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Certain pump sequences for accessories is normal.

On my Artesian, the waterfall only comes on when the circulation pump comes on, pump 1 controls 3 seat positions and pump 2 controls the last 2 seat positions. I also can not manually start the circulation pump by itself but if I turn on one of the pumps, I can start the circulation pump and then turn off the pump. My heater is connected to the circulation pump so that might play into things.


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