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AeWare Spa Pack In.xm - Error Code "sp-In"

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I have a problem with my in.xm1 control box, it shows the error code "sp-in" which means that the voltage is too low.
but I have measured between ground and all 3 phases and it is between 238-240 volts and between the phases it is 400 volts so it seems to be correct. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
I live in Sweden and we have 240 volts between phase and ground.
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The error indicates a problem with the incoming power but you say that's al good. Just make sure that the connections are tight. Perhaps disconnect them and redo them for a fresh connection. If it still has error disconnect all of the large connections from the spa (pumps, ozone) and start it up without anything connected except the topside and see if the error comes back. You may have to remove the pack and the back cover to inspect the back of the circuit board for darkened or burnt areas. Let us know results 

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Thanks for your answers, now I have reconnected the wires and tried to restart the spa without pumps and ozone but the error was the same. I have opened the control box but can not find anything that looks strange.
Everything at the spa works except the heat, I also noticed that I can not see the temperature in the spa and the display only shows "---" instead of the temperature. could it have something to do with the problem?
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@Henrik Here is a service manual. The "CE" in the IN.XM-"CE" denotes a pack made for European market and power grid

I know very little about the European power grid so I won't make comment.


Your first error was SP-IN (problem with incoming power)

please see pages 15,16 and make sure the breaker setting is correct

The In.Therm remote heaters are very difficult to diagnose and often can cause problems.

Gecko Tech Support Europe: https://gdeuro.com/contact-us

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