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Balboa MXBP20 and spatouch2, topside replaced, still getting errors

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Hi we bought a new Vita spa with Balboa MXBP20 and spatouch2. The top side got and error and the spa was locked with the screen saying 


"Message Code:254                Communications error Call for service"


I did call for service and the topside (spatouch II) was replaced. It worked for about 4 hours (again) and the message is back. 

After this message returned, I powered off the spa for 20 minutes and repowered it. at that point I had an error saying "initializing" That was on there over night until this AM.

I though perhaps it was reloading some firmware or something. 

This AM I re-powered it again and the 

"Message Code:254                Communications error Call for service"

Has come back. 

I called the place of purchase a few hours ago with to return call yet. I though I would reach out on here as my confidence in the vendor is slowly winding down... 


The delivery of the tub was delayed initially as the vendor said a "control panel" was damaged in shipping and they were waiting for a replacement. perhaps they replaced the lower main-board with a bad one ?? 

This is a long post so if you've made it  this far thanks for your precious time and I appreciate it. 


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To avoid voiding the warranty, about all you can do it make sure all the connections on the spa pack board are tight and connectors are fully seated.

Other than that, you are at the dealers mercy, which is why we say you need to have a good dealer. In some cases, a few hours wait isn't really all that bad depending on the size of the dealer. Larger dealers usually have more staff to handle these things while a smaller dealer may only have a couple of service guys and they may also double as installers, which can delay response times.

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They may also have to consult with the manufacturers tech support. Having issued a warranty claim on that part they will catch hell for having to do it again, the manufacturer will not want to pay twice, and will dictate the next repair and require authorization prior to repair or they will not pay the dealer to do it again. Manufacturers are not very understanding when it comes to paying for mistakes.

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