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It would help to know who's hot tub it is. There are many places to get Spa repair parts if you know who made the tub.

Is the LED out? That doesn't look that hard to DIY. It's just an RJ11 telephone cable with an LED connected to the end. Looks like there may be a circuit board that the LED is soldered to and that's probably had a dropping resistor on it.

It's most likely a broken wire or a bad solder joint. It could also be the LED. None of this is difficult to repair if you can solder. If you can't, an electronics repair guy could fab one up fairly cheap. 

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22 minutes ago, Phil 76 said:

Thanks for finding me this and yes it's a bit expensive. 

You are being nice, a bit expensive is an understatement. Even though Emerald went belly up, that cable does not appear to be anything special.

Where are you located? If in the US, I might be able to help you out providing it's that LED cable assembly. I don't make a habit of this normally but at $176 to replace what should be no more than a $20 cable is beyond my comprehension, but not outside my ability.

Are you sure that it's the LED assembly? Is there an LED controller on the tub? Do you have other cables that you can use to make sure it's the the LED assembly and not the controller that it plugs into?

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OK, if you tried different cables and nothing happened, this leads me to believe it's the LED controller.

Can you post up a picture of where the LED plugs in? If it's into a connector with wires, also a picture of where that wire goes.  With any luck, there is a separate controller that plugs in and gets it power from the main board.  I don't think this is the right controller but your controller may look something like this. https://hottubpartsofamerica.com/spa-hot-tub-led-light-supervision-dls-c-12-ll-12v-controller-video-how-to/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYp3fOZ2ECJNYJaPn3CjRuUyA6eWgAxyELzsyv3gJRfmPTHhwbhSLYUaAu3aEALw_wcB

Do you have a multimeter?

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