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Yellow/white slimy flakes in my hot tub (Giant but break down easy)

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Has anyone seen this before!?! My hot tub is less than a year old it's a Dynasty Palm Island II everything works great it has lots of extras like the ozone thing a gecko motor blah blah blah... But after only about 2 months in these little flakes started to appear, I have been a stickler for checking the water chemistry at least 2 times weekly. At first I really thought it was like someone's dead skin that came off 🤢 but it gradually got worse even after shocking, lowering the PH,  water changing. We stored it for the winter after about 3 water changes for cleaning and pulled it back out, they are still here!! Bigger and way more, 4 water changes, shocking, vinegar, bleach testing for biofilm (didn't desolve by the way) it's still here, less but they are so big. I haven't found anything on the same level. My dealer is dumbfounded, I'm stuck.



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Could be:

1) calcium stearate from lube used in the manufacture of the pipes (however, this mostly affects tubs built between 2016 and 2018)

2) calcium silicate (a type of scale that does not dissolve in muriatic acid)

3) scale (calcium carbonate) that will dissolve in muriatic acid but not necessarily in vinegar

A full set of test results will tell us more so we are not just guessing. However, I suspect that your calcium hardness is high and your pH has been high also. I will also bet that your TA is high. (most of the 'recommended' ranges for these parameter put them way too high for tubs. The ranges recommended are more applicable to pools that are running trichlor tabs.  DO not test with strips, they don't have the resolution needed to determine what is going on and they cannot test calcium hardness, only total hardness. They are also prone to testing the pH lower than it really is.

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